Rethink the Perth Freight Link

The Perth Freight Link is a $1.6 billion, 13 km 6-lane heavy vehicle freeway that will divide suburbs and destroy ecologically sensitive land.

Lynn MacLaren is also one of the members of the Rethink the Link Alliance, which consists of 22 community groups who are united in stopping the project.

Lynn supports the Alliance's demand for well-planned, evidence-based, transparent, economically viable, environment-enhancing, society-building major infrastructure planning.

Lynn and the Alliance don’t want major infrastructure planning on the run, based on “captain’s picks”, ignorant or outdated assumptions or, worse, planning based on manipulated data, for political purposes to satisfy vested interests (party donors).

They don’t want secrecy under the cover of “commercial in confidence”, economic disasters, ad hoc planning that destroys the fabric of the city without reference to how the infrastructure will affect the physical environment and people's social wellbeing.

What you can do

If you would like to support the campaign to see Rethink The Link, its time to take action.

  • Keep up to date by following Lynn:
  • Contact your State MPs and let them know that oppose the Perth Freight Link.
  • Visit the following sites for more information, to make a donation, sign a petition or send an email:
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