A sea of blue T-sheets filled the public gallery to hear the final part of the debate to delete Roe 8 from the Metropolitan Region Scheme. Supporters are pictured here outside Parliament. The motion was lost when the Government successfully amended it to "leave it up to the Environmental Assessment" process.

However, five speakers from the ALP and Greens spoke strongly against the road:
Hon Sue Ellery questioned how Liberal Member from Riverton could guarantee that this Government would build the road if due process was followed.
Hon Sally Talbot laid out a 10-point argument opposing the road.
Hon Ken Travers comprehensively explained why the road was unnecessary to service freight needs of ports or reduce congestion.
Hon Alison Xamon highlighted the significance of the wetlands and the lack of protection for Bush forever sites.

Lynn's speech, championing the reasons to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme and save the wetlands, is available to read below.

"The only reason they want to build this destructive piece of freeway is to perpetuate the myth that it will take trucks off Leach Highway, in an cynical effort to convince voters to support the Members for Riverton and Jandakot."

"The proposal is a shameful waste of transport funding better spent on more effective projects."

"No alignment through the wetlands is acceptable on environmental or social grounds, and yet they have already thrown $11 million away to prepare the proposal."

"This is Liberal Party policy that is only made possible by the acquiescence of the Nationals. The ALP failed to delete the road in its term of Government and now we are fighting with every last breath to keep Roe Highway Stage 8 from destroying the Beeliar wetlands."

The Minister representing the Minister for the Environment revealed that the EPA advice is "expected to be received in June 2012." The State Environment Minister, and then the Federal Minister, decide whether the road can be built.

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