Why can’t I catch a tram to my polling place?

Greens WA Transport Spokesperson, Lynn MacLaren MLC said today’s RAC figures on motoring vindicated Greens plans for public transport networks. 

“Voters could have been on a tram to a polling place next Saturday if the Government had put down track in 2010,” said Ms MacLaren.

“It’s commendable to see new plans for heavy rail in Perth. That’s needed, for sure. What we need today is light rail because it can be put in quickly. That will take some of the immediate pressure off and build the public’s confidence in getting on board public transport. Heavy rail should complement that. 

“Recent revelations that the State Government had insisted on their application for Federal funding being kept a secret indicates a lack of resolve. It has taken months for Mr Buswell to admit he will need the Commonwealth to foot half the bill. 

“Likewise, funding for heavy rail might be some years off. 

“With estimates of car numbers two-and-a-half times higher than previously forecast, we have to seriously question whether the state government has a transport plan at all,” said Ms MacLaren.

“The RAC figures leave no doubt that increased congestion is quickly going to be intolerable. The RAC’s prediction that there will be another one million cars on WA roads by 2020 is sober reading for any serious transport minister. 

“Will the next WA government be running to the Commonwealth for financial help, with no plan in hand, when congestion squeezes the local economy? 

“The Greens released their light rail plan two years before anyone else. It covered the metropolitan area, not just one line north,” Ms MacLaren said.