The whole classroom will suffer from education budget cuts

Media statement, Wednesday 21 August 2013. 

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says that ‘a recent slash to jobs in the education sector stands as another example of the Barnett government ignoring the needs of the vulnerable members of the community’.

Ms MacLaren emphasised the detriment of Minister Peter Collier’s decision to cut funding in areas of education that improve the learning of students living with a disability in the state.

Ms MacLaren referred to the cut of 350 education assistants for students in classrooms. 

“Kids with learning difficulties need support throughout their education life”. 

“Educationally disadvantaged students can include Aboriginal students, students with limited English language proficiency, and students from low socio-economic backgrounds”.

Ms MacLaren explained how the fallout from support to those who need special services will be of disadvantage to a whole classroom, ‘this will affect every student in the classroom when an overworked teacher has to commit more time to a student’s special requirements with reduced support”.

When recently surveyed, an alarming 71% of parents were uncertain or disagreed that their child’s specialised support services were adequately provided; this will worsen with more funding cuts.

“It is essential that we turn our focus to providing the best education possible to every sector of our society in all of our local schools”, said Ms MacLaren.