WA Greens: Only a matter of time before more distressing live export footage emerged

In response to more horrific footage of live export slaughter on the streets of Gaza, Kuwait and Jordan aired on Lateline last night, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said ‘it was only a matter of time until more evidence emerged of horrendous mistreatment of Australian sheep and cattle in the Middle East’.

“Committed campaigners at Animals Australia continue to show that our system to protect Australian livestock is not working, and our current Government continues to ignore it.

“The Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System that is supposed to prevent this sort of mistreatment is horrendously flawed and is failing to do its job.

“Livestock Shipping Services, one of Western Australia’s biggest livestock exporters continually breaches the system; the most significant was last year when more than 4,000 sheep died from heat stress on-board on a voyage to the Middle East. Why is this export company still allowed to operate? Why haven’t charges been laid?

“Western Australian’s are not comfortable with our livestock receiving this sort of treatment when they leave our shores, particularly Fremantle residents in my electorate, who can smell live export shipments throughout the port city and know that these animals may reach a horrific death at destination or on board.

“The Government must administer strong penalties for breaches of animal welfare regulations. There must be more accountability”.

The Greens (WA) have long supported a sustainable alternative with meat processed in abattoirs here in WA and sent overseas.