Tunnel vision plan ignores public transport alternatives

traffic jam; Lynn MacLaren; transport plan; Perth Freight Link

The Government’s transport plan is yet another example of its old fashioned thinking through continued focus on building more roads, Greens spokesperson for transport Lynn MacLaren MLC has said.

“The plan represents more of the same tunnel vision as the Government continues to prioritise roads, including the nightmare that is the Perth Freight Link,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Building more roads is not the answer to easing congestion. 

“This has been proven in Paris, San Francisco, Seoul – large cities which have invested in their public transport systems, removed major highways, focused on rail and beat congestion.

“The Government needs to show that kind of vision.

“Instead, it has dropped MAX light rail from the plan – the latest in a line of broken promises for the future of our public transport network.

“This plan is not properly costed and is, quite frankly, flimsy.

“The Greens have a vision to transition away from this car dependency we want to see effective and sustainable public transport with an emphasis on light rail.”