Transport Minister cannot back up Freight Link pollution claims

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has blasted the Transport Minister for failing to answer simple questions based on his Department’s own publicity on Perth Freight Link for a second week in the row.

“Today in Parliament I asked the Minister to direct me to any studies the Government has done to support Main Roads’ much-vaunted claim that the Perth Freight Link will reduce vehicle exhaust fumes and greenhouse gas emissions and to my surprise, the Minister said he could not answer,” Ms MacLaren said.

“This defies belief; I based my question on a May 2015  Main Roads factsheet which states the Link will reduce fuel exhaust and carbon dioxide emissions.

“How can anyone have faith in Main Roads’ publicity such claims if the Government cannot provide any evidence to back it?

“I also asked if the Government had done any modelling to compare diesel particulate emissions if Perth Freight Link is built compared to from vehicle use of the existing road network.

“Again, the Minister could not answer with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, let alone providing me with any data.

“This follows last week’s exchange, when the Minister could not say how the Government is raising the additional $390 million needed to build the Perth Freight Link after private investors declined last year to be involved in the project.

“The Minister insults the public’s intelligence if he thinks that making claims without any factual basis is going to convince anyone.”

May 2015 Main Roads factsheet on Perth Freight Link claiming reduced exhaust and greenhouse gas emissions from the Perth Freight Link: