Transport Minister blank on bus plan details

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren MLC says the Transport Minister has a lot to learn about public transport if he thinks that a rapid bus transit system could provide “like-for-like” benefits as light rail, as he told Perth radio station 6PR this week.

“A good place for the Minster to start reading if he wants to understand why rapid buses don’t deliver the same benefits as light rail would be his own Government’s “Why Light Rail for Perth?” plan released two years ago; the report is readily available on the Government’s self-promotion website ‘Get the Bigger Picture’,” Ms MacLaren said.

“This report directly compared rapid buses, light rail and heavy rail and unequivocally concludes that light rail is the way to go for Perth.

“It spells out that light rail has a higher carrying capacity and more positive impact on local development and property values than rapid bus services and that light rails causes significantly less local noise, vibration and air pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, than buses.

“Who wouldn’t prefer to live next to a modern light rail system running on electricity versus a rapid bus transit route, with associated noise and diesel emissions?

“The Government drew a blank when I asked this week if it had considered impacts on property values, in relation to its new bus plan.

“I urge the Government to re-visit some of its earlier long-term thinking rather than make another kneejerk reaction in favour of buses that will consign Perth to a sad diesel and congestion-ridden future,” Ms MacLaren concluded.

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