State Government steering the wrong way with Perth Freight Link

The State Government is steering the wrong way by moving onto the next stage of the Perth Freight Link project, Greens Transport Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says.

“Rather than solving the long-term freight problems in Perth, the Minister seems hell bent on creating a confrontation in our southern suburbs the like of which this city has never seen,” Ms MacLaren said.

”A recent report from Peter Newman and research fellow Cole Hendrigan from Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute has already described the proposed project as a waste of taxpayers’ money, with the money being better spent on road and rail connections to a new container port.  

“As this government faces its worst economic crisis, instead of rethinking the Perth Freight Link, it continues it plans to plough scarce dollars into expensive road-building.

“All the while the Greens and the community continue to build support and create momentum for a positive outcome to preserve the environment and amenity of the Fremantle area, and also North and Bibra Lakes while improving the efficiency of freight transport.

“The Beeliar wetland is too precious to lose. More and more people are starting to realise that the cost that we will pay for this project is too high and it won’t solve our traffic woes.”