Public urged to speak up now against formal proposal for a 3-year drum line programme: Greens

The State Government’s application to the Federal Government to extend the ineffective drum line programme by three years represents a complete disregard for community concern and scientific evidence, said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

If approved, the drum lines will sit 1km off popular WA beaches from 15 November to 30 April each year, from 2014 - 2017.

“I am appalled that the State Government are even pursuing this; the drum lines have been proven to be ineffective, unpopular and costly.

“After three months bearing witness to the tortuous drum lines, there is no evidence that this is working. It is costly to the West Australian taxpayer, but also to the smaller non-lethal tiger shark population that are being caught on a regular basis. It is also costly to WA’s international reputation.

“The drum lines have claimed two Mako sharks, which are listed as migratory and protected under the EPBC Act”.

“There is a ten day public comment period in which people can let the Federal authorities know just how much we reject this shark cull.

The alternatives should also be seriously considered and assessed, such as harmless Eco Barriers for beaches, shark spotting programs (successful in South Africa), and acoustic tagging and monitoring. These are proven, effective strategies.”