Premier withdraws drum line program at last minute: Greens call for funds to be redirected to local coastal communities' responses

Premier Barnett must take responsibility for wasting State and Federal resources on his failed shark drum line program and must now let local coastal communities decide the best way to send public money on coastal protection, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

"Premier Barnett waited until the very last minute last night (Thursday 23 October) to withdraw his proposed three year drum line program, which was being assessed by the Federal Department of Environment with a decision by Minister Hunt due this morning,"  Ms MacLaren said.

"It is a great outcome for common sense, the marine environment and for WA ocean-users because drum lines would not provide real protection.

"If Premier Barnett is serious about shark hazard protection, he must now allow the money it had allocated to local communities in WA to decide how best to spend it.

"We have seen the Premier impose his own personal solution in this State and it was a complete flop because he rushed into it without consultation, without science and without public support - and then he stubbornly stuck to it despite growing evidence it was not making anyone safer.

"He simply refused to reflect on the ever-mounting case to indicate drumlines were not the answer.

"Since December last year we have seen a huge amount of the internal resources of the Departments of Fisheries and Premier and Cabinet attempting to justify the drum lines but you 'can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear'.

"We are 10 months behind where we could have been if the WA Government had embraced the shark hazard issue in WA with science, common sense and a willingness to listen and work with coastal communities; we need to turn that around fast now."