Premier draws blank on future drumlining costs

Months away from when he proposes to embark on a three year culling program of WA vulnerable and protected shark species the WA Premier doesn't know what it will cost, questions asked by Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren have revealed.

"No one ever accused the Liberal Party of being the party for science or the environment, but I thought the Liberals once claimed to be the party for fiscal responsibility. That is not being demonstrated in regard to the proposed drum line operation," Ms MacLaren said.

"In June, the Department of Premier and Cabinet released a 100-page, badly written Public Environmental Review document to describe how the Government intends to kill great white, tiger and any other shark or marine species that takes the bait for the next three years.

"Yet it appears that amongst all attempted justifications for the program, the Department did not do an analysis of what it would cost, let alone an analysis of its cost effectiveness.

"I await to hear what the final cost will be but most Western Australians already have the answer in regard to whether using drum lines is cost-effective."