Premier distracts from real dangers facing cyclists

In responding to today’s comments on new cycling laws for group riders from the Premier Colin Barnett, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said “The Premier should recognise that people on bicycles, particularly lone commuters, are the ones being hit by vehicles on WA roads and this is a more pressing issue.”

 “His comments are a deliberate distraction; it is not cyclists in groups who are at greatest risk from motor vehicles, but the solo cyclist.

 “There is already a law to stop cyclists riding more than two abreast.

 “So far, the Premier has demonstrated that he thinks more about the convenience of car-drivers than he does about bicycle riders’ safety,” Ms MacLaren said.

 “The irony is that the one metre safe passing distance legislation that the Greens are asking him to support will not inconvenience drivers unless they don’t know how to share the road safely.

 “A metre safe passing distance legislation is about protecting an adult or child on a push bike and this has been recognised by the Queensland, South Australia and the ACT governments. 

 “I challenge the Premier to address the real dangers for people on pushbikes on the road."