Premier contradictory over Cottesloe shark proof enclosure omission

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Premier's lack of interest in funding a shark-proof enclosure at Cottesloe Beach is inconsistent with the way he singled out Cottesloe Beach as requiring protection from shark hazards last year when he was promoting drum lines.

"The popularity of Cottesloe Beach was specifically cited by the Premier in his application last year for Federal environmental approval to run a three-year drum line program," Ms MacLaren said.

"The Premier, whose Department wrote the application, mounted a spurious argument about WA's tourism industry under threat by sharks, including at Cottesloe, to claim the drum lines were 'in the national interest'.

"So his latest comments that Cottesloe 'doesn't necessarily need' an effective shark hazard protection tool such as a shark-proof enclosure are contradictory, to say the least.

"I believe Albany's Middleton Beach and Sorrento Beach also experience wave action so it is unclear why the Premier cites 'wave action' as reason not to install an enclosure at Cottesloe.

"The WA business that has successfully introduced a barrier-style shark proof enclosure at Coogee claims that its technology is well equipped to handle surf conditions with minor modification - but the Premier seems determined to ignore what that company has promoted in favour of what the Premier has described as "Gold Coast-style" shark proof enclosures made of heavy netting material."