No congratulations to the Premier for this year’s most anticipated load of codswallop

The Premier’s long-promised and delayed review of last summer’s drum lining, released today, continues to gloss over the program's most obvious failures, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says. 

“Out of 172 sharks captured between January and April, of which we now know from the Government’s own admission most died, none were the species confirmed as responsible for recent WA fatal shark attacks,” Ms MacLaren said.

 “Does the Premier really think most Western Australians can’t see this blindingly obvious failure with the program?

 “Why does he continue to ignore the overwhelming opposition to shark culling?

 “This much-promised and delayed 80-page review document is an exercise in spin.

 “It even cites the vast amount of media articles about the cull – most of which covered flaws in the program and mass public opposition to it – as a key performance indicator in favour of the program.

 “This review scoops the prize for this year’s most anticipated load of codswallop.”