Live Export Suspension Too Little, Too Late

Greens animal welfare spokesperson, Lynn MacLaren MLC said that the new suspension on live cattle exports to Egypt is too little, too late.

“A ban on the trade is the only reasonable response,” Ms MacLaren said today, after listening to government and industry reactions to the latest revelation of animal welfare abuses in Egypt.

“The true colours of federal MPs will be revealed when once again they are called upon to bring an industry to account for despicable acts of cruelty to Australian animals exported to Egypt,” she said.

“Australians won't stomach the sickening images of cruelty to our cattle exported overseas and will demand a ban.

“Unlike the response from the Minister and industry PR spin doctors, a reasonable reaction would be to take every measure to protect any animals from suffering this fate by replacing live exports with chilled or packaged meat exports.

“The recent evidence of cruelty toward Australian cattle in Egypt wasn’t brought to light by Australian officials. Instead, it took the independent group ‘Animals Australia’ to investigate ongoing abuses.

“If it wasn’t for Animals Australia, the government wouldn’t have acted.

“The federal government isn’t doing enough to stand up for animal welfare.

“Industry and government – both state and federal – working together, would see a northern abattoir process Australian meat for export,” Ms MacLaren concluded.