Live export sheep reported to have suffered in WA

A court case that was adjourned last night and will resume today shows that animals who are sent off for live export are allegedly suffering animal cruelty in WA as well as the countries that they are sent to. 

The sheep had allegedly been turned away by live export officials due to injury and disease, they were consequently transported a slaughterhouse in Peel.

Sources informed the Sunday Times in 2011 that approximately 200 sheep were filmed by officers at Peel Petfood slaughterhouse; the diseased and injured sheep were allegedly left to suffer for days. 

“It has been reported that these sheep were in a bad state with footrot, broken and protruding bones, as well as maggot infestations.”
“If the court today finds these reports to be true, we need to reassess how livestock turned away for live exports are handled, this is simply not good enough”. 

“Animals that are diseased or injured whilst on the farm should not be pushed from the farm, to livestock ships, to slaughterhouses; they must be dealt with on the farm in a humane way.”