Live Animal Export Industry reaches a new low

This week’s announcement to expand live exports by Federal Minister, the Hon Barnaby Joyce has taken the live animal export industry to a new low, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“Live exporters are now shipping Australian cattle to China; a country without animal cruelty laws with a bad track record for treatment of animals," Ms MacLaren said.

“Although the establishment of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) is a requirement for any country we export animals to, evidence has shown this provides no guarantees or assurances that animal welfare will be upheld.

“Time and time again investigations carried out by Animals Australia have clearly shown that ESCAS is notoriously useless in protecting Australian animals from the barbaric handling and slaughter practices of some of our trading partners.

“The failings of the ESCAS has been highlighted again by today’s report of Australian sheep being traded illegally in a Kuwait market, which is outside the approved supply chains.

“ESCAS policy is not working and the Australian Government needs to stop exporting live animals to countries that have no animal welfare laws, standards or codes of practice.

“A better alternative would be to phase out live animal exports and support meat processing here in Australia to be exported overseas.

“China is already a major importer of Australian meat and it has been reported that the meat trade is worth seven times more per annum than live exports to Australia.

“Until the Government considers this alternative and takes some responsibility for the welfare of our live animals exports, sadly Western Australians will continue to be confronted by reports of animal cruelty.”