Liberal-National MP undermines Premier Barnett’s key argument for shark cull

Green MLC Lynn MacLaren says one of Premier Barnett’s key arguments for a shark cull – that a similar policy is popular in Queensland – has been undermined by comments today by an MP from his own side of politics. 

“Andrew Laming, Liberal-National Member for Bowman in Queensland, told the ABC today that he is an ocean swimmer who has been watching shark culling in his electorate for a very long time and has felt ‘deeply uncomfortable with it’,” Ms MacLaren commented.

“Further, Dr Laming said that anti-shark cull sentiment is ‘very strong’ in his electorate and that in relation to hazards posed by sharks, he feels that ‘actions need to be based on evidence’.

“This is what the Greens have been saying from day one. I have repeatedly asked the WA Government to provide the science behind its strategy and nothing has been forthcoming.

“I suppose it may have taken the setting of a Senate by-election date for Federal politicians on the right to speak up on this issue in order to try to remove themselves from Premier Barnett’s unpopular drum line strategy.

“Unfortunately for them, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has so far supported the shark cull and even this week went so far as to claim Queensland’s shameful out-dated shark control program was ‘successful’.

“I commend Dr Laming for his honesty, but I advise him that he is in the wrong political party if he wants an evidenced-based approach to shark hazard mitigation.”