Important win for truth in labelling as WA egg producer found guilty – Greens

It was a very important win today for truth in labelling today as the Federal Court in Perth found WA egg producer Snowdale Holdings had contravened the law by mislabelling its eggs ‘free range,’ Greens animal welfare spokesperson Lynn MacLaren has said.
“I’m delighted Snowdale Holdings Pty Ltd, who trade as Swan Valley Eggs and Eggs by Ellah, have been found guilty of charges of misleading and deceptive conduct by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
“As one of the largest supermarket suppliers in WA, this verdict will have a huge impact.”
“Snowdale Holdings duped Australian consumers for many years by producing eggs that did not meet free range standards.
“It was alleged that Snowdale Holdings housed more than 100 times the number of hens per hectare than the 1500 recommended by CSIRO animal welfare guidelines.
“Despite this, the company continued to label many of its eggs ‘free range.’
“Today’s judgement sends a strong message that the deliberate misleading of consumers will not be accepted.”
Humane Society International director Verna Simpson added: “As one of the major suppliers to both the major supermarkets in WA, the scale of this deception is mind boggling. ACCC carried out their own thorough investigation and today justice has been done.”
Lynn MacLaren MLC will continue to work for truth in egg labelling and better conditions for animals.