Greens welcome action plan on domestic violence - call for better monitoring

The Action Plan released this morning by the State Government to address the issue of domestic violence in WA is commendable but lacks clear direction on how actions will be measured and monitored, says Greens Spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC.

“The plan Freedom From Fear: working towards the elimination of family and domestic violence in WA, outlines 20 important actions to be undertaken but doesn’t provide specific details on how success will be measured and monitoring or which agencies will be responsible for each action” Ms MacLaren said.

“This Action Plan is addressing a critically important issue within our state, and the public needs to be able to clearly see that the Government is achieving outcomes.

“Without clear signposts or check points evaluating progress of the action plan, how can we be sure that we are on track to reduced and eliminating domestic violence in the state.

“With Western Australia having the second highest rate of reported physical and sexual violence perpetrated against women in Australia, and with less than 20% of cases even reported, we cannot afford to lose any time and we need clear commitment and measurable action from the Government.