Greens stand with 30,000 who oppose proposed levy for Uber users

Greens spokesperson for Transport Lynn MacLaren MLC has today urged the Government to scrap a levy it plans to impose upon all point to point journeys in a bid to generate revenue to compensate taxi drivers.

Ms MacLaren said she did not believe taxi and ride-sharing customers should foot the bill.

“The Greens WA support new opportunities and innovation in transport,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Ride-sharing provides additional transport options for people to get around.

“We recognise that ride-sharing services such as Uber have clearly been embraced as a popular option for many Western Australians.

“That 30,000 people have signed a petition from Uber, which was presented to the Premier earlier this month, and 10,000 have included comments, indicates strong public opposition to the proposed levy on point-to-point fares.”

Ms MacLaren said her Greens counterparts in the ACT as part of a Labor-Green Government had led the way in being the first jurisdiction in Australia to legalise ride-sharing.

She said she believed the Government had a responsibility to keep pace with developments and to develop legislation and regulations that ensured drivers’ rights are protected, including fair pay and conditions; consumer safety is ensured; vehicle safety checks are undertaken and that options for people with disabilities were expanded upon.

“I do not, however, believe that imposing a levy upon taxi and ride-sharing users is an appropriate way to generate revenue to compensate the taxi industry for the transition, which has been brought about by updates in market-innovation and technology,” Ms MacLaren said.


*This media release was revised to clarify that the levy would be applied to all point-to-point journeys.