Greens spokesperson for women calls on Government to address worrying gender pay gap

Media statement, Thursday, 21 November 2013. 

The Greens spokesperson for Women’s Interests Ms Lynn MacLaren has welcomed a report highlighting the worrying gender pay gap (GPG) in Western Australia, emphasising that we should use the new statistics to surge a move towards equality. 

“Well done to the COAG report council for the comprehensive report that reinforces huge concerns about women in our state being underpaid in the workforce compared to their male counterparts”, she said.  

“With the report putting the gender pay gap at 26.9%, compared to a national average of 17.5%, we need to start challenging deep rooted issues that are stopping this gap from closing. 

“The West Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) has attributed this worrying gap to a plethora of issues that we must work on at a federal, state and local level to resolve. This issue has been diagnosed yet unresolved since the 1980’s, I urge the Barnett Government to be more pro-active on this”. 

“The reasons behind the GPG have been identified, they include an under evaluation of women’s work, inequity in the division of unpaid caring responsibilities, institutionalised undervaluation of skills and qualifications typically identified with women, as well as low levels of unionisation.

“We must act in unity to close this worrying pay gap, the notion that men are more capable as women is archaic and should not be represented in current West Australian salaries, the time to act is now”.