Greens say rail extension would be nice, but will they really build it?

The Greens have today expressed scepticism over the Government’s ability to deliver on its pledge to build a rail extension between Thornlie and Cockburn, questioning whether it will become the latest in a long line of broken public transport promises.  

Greens spokesperson for Transport Lynn MacLaren MLC said while she supported the need for the extension, the Government had a long history of failed election promises in this portfolio area.  

“Ahead of the previous two State Elections, this Government promised voters a MAX light rail network, a train line for Ellenbrook, a rail extension for Yanchep and 300 new rail cars,” Ms MacLaren said.

“To date, none of these important projects have been delivered.

“That is why today, while I hope this Government realises it must live up to its promises, I have little faith that it will.”

Ms MacLaren noted the $520 million allocated to pay for the proposed 17.5km rail extension is less than the initial project budget for just 5km of road for Roe 8. 

“If this Government claims to be serious about rail, the funds allocated to build Roe 8 should be re-directed to further, much-needed rail projects,” she said.