Greens reveal: there is no business case at all for Roe 8

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren is gobsmacked after finding out through questions in Parliament that there has been no business case or other financial analysis by the Government into spending $450 million on Roe 8.

“What corporation in the world would spend $450 million on a project without knowing what rate of return, if any they would get?” Ms MacLaren asked.

“I started off investigating the extent that the Government had completed a Gateway Review for Roe 8, which is a proven, cost-effective assurance process required by the WA Department of Finance for all road, rail and port projects costing more than $100 million – and ended up discovering that not only were none of the stages of a Gateway Review done for Roe 8, but there is not even a business case.

“This is extraordinary for such a costly road project.

“I have sought out past senior Government staffers involved in Government procurement for major projects and they share my concerns that Roe 8 is an ‘exceptionally light touch’ in terms of checks and reviews to ensure it won’t be a major loss-making project.

“It’s mind-boggling that this Government would throw $450 million at a road proposal that even the Motor Trades Industry Association vehemently opposes, and which in all likelihood will never provide a net return to the Government.

“It is not just poor governance. It smells of reckless desperation by a Government that fears it is in its last days. No sensible individual or business would ever spend money so carelessly.”