Greens MPs across the country move to protect TAFE from budget slash

At a Federal level and across the states, the Greens have introduced a motion to protect TAFE systems across the country, under threat from a ruthless state budget which stands to compromise the longstanding public body delivering vocational services. 
“In the Senate, and in the State Parliaments of  South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and  WA, the Greens are today moving to protect TAFE from a disastrous budget. The State Government is threatening this accessible education service to the community that offers courses regardless of background and location”, said Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.
“The TAFE system is under threat from proposed cuts; the competitive funding model under WA’s new demand-driven model will result in TAFE institutes slashing courses, firing staff and casualising the workforce. As stated  by Unions WA,  this year the WA Government pulled $45 million from the training sector, while continuing to increase student fees by up to 300%. It is now harder than ever for students to access a quality TAFE education.
“The Greens support a revitalisation of the public TAFE system to meet future high-level skills and workforce development that is crucial to our economic future”.
Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has given notice of the following motion, which states:
That the Legislative Council —
(a) notes that the proposed cuts to the TAFE budget in Western Australia will have disastrous impacts on staff and students and the state’s economic future, social wellbeing and cohesion, and that changes to TAFE have a particularly adverse impact on people in regional and rural parts of the state, disadvantaged communities and people with varying abilities; and
(b) calls on the state government to protect, support and expand the capacity of the public TAFE system to allow it to continue its historic role in providing high-quality technical and further education to Western Australians of all ages and backgrounds.

The Greens want to prioritise budget spending on the public TAFE system, to revitalise TAFE and secure its rightful place as Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training (VET).

“The system is already straining, we need to invest in a sector that creates qualified Australians for our future community and economy. We need to invest in education, research and innovation. We know already that teachers are overworked and struggling with limited resources, we do not want to further withdraw funding from this area”.