Greens criticise growth of inhumane Live Export Trade that is exporting Australian jobs

Today Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren slammed plans by the Minister to expand Live Export to China, labelling the trade as exporting jobs from Western Australia and failing to meet acceptable animal welfare standards.
“We have overwhelming evidence that this trade has frequently failed to deliver livestock without on board deaths, sometimes from heat exhaustion, we know that the stock cannot be sufficiently tracked and are at risk of cruelty at their destination”, said Ms MacLaren.
With the trade recently re-opening to Egypt, Bahrain and Iran, Ms MacLaren stated that ‘it comes as no surprise that Minister Baston is swinging open the dangerous gates of Live Export to new overseas investors’.
“It is all well and good that Chinese companies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) about complying with animal welfare standards, but these ‘standards’ have repeatedly failed in other export countries. Parties involved are ticking boxes on a system that has repeatedly failed.
“The trade is volatile and completely unacceptable in a modern day Australian economy where alternatives are available.
“Increasing chilled meat exports would keep jobs in Australia, the Australian Meat Workers Union estimates that 70 abattoir closures and the loss of up to 12,000 jobs are directly attributable to the live export trade, it is time to shift away from this inhumane trade that is hurting Australian jobs”.