Greens confirm: Premier to seek Federal approval of drum line program

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren confirmed in Parliament last night that the WA Government will seek Federal approval of a three-year drum lining proposal despite the Premier promising on Thursday that he would scrap the planned annual shark cull.

"You have to wonder what the Premier's motives are for asking the Federal Environment Minister to approve a proposal that the Premier himself has as good as admitted it is not worth pursuing because it is environmentally unsound," Ms MacLaren said.

"Is the Premier hoping that the Federal Minister will do what the Premier himself was unwilling to do and overrule the advice of the CSIRO, WA Environmental Protection Authority, hundreds of marine scientists and the WA public, and approve the proposal?

"While the Premier's motives are unclear, the Greens are interested in Mr Hunt's decision on the recently scrapped WA shark cull.

"Should Mr Hunt's decision side with science and back the Premier's own decision to scrap the drum lines based on EPA advice, it may provide momentum for a much-needed Government re-assessment of shark cull policies on Australia's east coast.

"Perhaps one positive outcome from Premier Barnett's misguided 2014 shark cull will be a turning point in the debate on the east coast, where culling began in the 1930s and has hung on as policy due to inertia rather than sound science."