Greens call for construction halt in fight to save Bassendean school oval

A community fight to save part of Bassendean Primary School oval from being turned into a car park will be supported in Parliament today by Greens Member for South Metropolitan Region Lynn MacLaren MLC.  

Ms McLaren will call for an immediate halt on construction of the car park during Parliamentary question time this afternoon, until a traffic management study can consider alternatives to the loss of green space.

“There is a huge body of peer-reviewed research to show that green spaces, including nature playgrounds, parks and ovals, are beneficial to children’s development including mental and physical health and that children need more of it,” Ms MacLaren said.

“It is extraordinary that in this age, a small school with very little green space to begin with, is faced with sacrificing some of its oval for a car park.

“Consultation did not occur with the school community and parents who clearly have a vital interest in this decision. In fact it was parents who lobbied the Government to acquire and demolish houses bordering the school for the oval in 1970s.

“The Education Minister must step in and immediately halt the construction of the carpark while a traffic management plan is conducted and alternative parking options are investigated.

“The Minister has spruiked the benefits of outdoor play for children in countless media statements in the past.

“If he does not stop this carpark, anything he has to say in the future about the benefits of outdoor play for school children will be demonstrably hollow words.”