Green space is good for your health and your environment

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has welcomed fresh research that proves more green space in your suburb will not only help your environment, but  help you maintain a healthy weight.
“The research conducted by UWA demonstrates a strong link between your neighbourhood environment and BMI, with statistics showing that obesity was 22% lower in neighbourhoods with high levels of greenery”.
“If the environment isn’t on your list of things to look after, your health most certainly should be, this information further demonstrates how looking after our environment and making room for green space has more benefit than one”. 
The researchers studied 10,208 adults in three separate age groups: 16-24, 25-64 and 64 onwards.
“If promoting leafy areas in your area means that you’re helping your environment and reducing obesity, this should be a no-brainer in terms of something we should demand in all of our suburbs”.
“It is worth noting that although even tree-lined suburban areas were shown to have a positive impact, we should not consider this substantial enough green space. Parks, lakes and woodland areas should be a part of our local setting”.