Government's own shark website debunks Premier's "rogue shark" theory

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Premier's latest theory that there are 'rogue sharks' lurking around WA beaches is completely debunked by the Government's own 'SharkSmart' website that the Fisheries Minister launched in January.

"Where is the Premier getting his advice on sharks?," Ms MacLaren queried. "It reads like a Jaws script.

"The scientific data about white sharks off the WA coast, including the South-West, is that they are highly migratory and transitory in their movements.

"As the Government's own SharkSmart website states: 'Evidence would suggest it’s extremely unlikely that a rogue shark has been involved in any WA shark incidents. The ‘rogue’ shark theory is frequently discussed, particularly in the media. Although it maintains a place in popular belief (thanks to the Jaws movies and similar stories), it is simply an unsubstantiated theory.'

“This contradiction is almost laughable and further demonstrates how the three year drum line proposal has been a circus show from the beginning.
“Enough fear mongering and misinformation."

Note to editor: See attached a screen grab from the Shark Smart website, which refers to ‘rogue sharks’ as an ‘unsubstantiated theory’.