Fremantle cyclists left in the cold by Barnett Government

Greens MLC Lynn  MacLaren says Fremantle cyclists continue to miss out on a safe route into Perth after the Barnett Government this week confirmed that the long awaited completion of the Principal Shared Path along the Fremantle Train Line would not occur until at least 2018.
“The Premier and Transport Minister made much fanfare about “filling the missing links” on the Fremantle PSP in December but in fact they were only referring to completing links between Cottesloe and Perth,” MacLaren said.
“That still leaves the far more dangerous section between Grant Street and Fremantle with numerous sections without a PSP and only insufficient cycle lanes on the sides of the roads.
“Is the Premier favouring his electorate at Fremantle’s expense? It is hard not to see it that way, especially given the popularity of cycle-commuting in Fremantle.
“In Parliament this week, the Government confirmed that work on the PSP between Grant Street Station and Cottesloe  Station will not even start until mid-2018, with completion due in December that year.
“It will take a further year – until June 2019 – before it is extended to Victoria Street.
“Work on the Victoria Street to Tydeman Road is still only at the planning stage.
“It is disappointing to hear this only one month out from the State Budget.
“However there has been at least one good news story for all WA cyclists this week, with the Road Safety Minister's announcement that the Barnett Government will 'strongly consider' introducing safe passing distance rules for cars approaching bikes, after the Government in 2014 refused to back the Greens’ Bill for the same thing.
“The Greens will be scrutinising next month’s Budget to look for increased funding for cycle lanes and paths but in the meantime, safe passing distance laws are a relatively low-cost and immediate way we can improve safety and I am delighted that our hard work in pushing for these changes seems to be bearing fruit.”