Fisheries hunt 2m sharks in breach of their own Guidelines

#NoWAShakrCUll; Greens WA; Cottesloe Beach; Lynn MacLaren; Lynn MacLaren MLC; Department of Fisheries

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says the Fisheries Department appears to have set drumlines off Perth's northern beaches in response to multiple sightings of 2-metre sharks - in breach of their own guidelines as to when drumlines can be deployed.

"The Serious Threat Guidelines which set out the criteria by which drum lines can be deployed only apply to sharks that are 3m or more in length and are either great white, tiger, or bull shark," Ms MacLaren said.

"As the SharkSmart website tell us, all recent detections on the receivers and sightings off Perth's northern coast have been under 3m in length and mostly bronze whalers.

“These sharks rarely pose a threat –  as is demonstrated by the fact that detections and sightings have been occurring for weeks.

"We are in the bizarre situation of wanting to report this action for investigation by the authorities charged with protecting our aquatic resources but the authority undertaking this action is the one breaching the policy.

"This is another bad day for the marine environment and an embarrassment for the Fisheries Department under this Government."

Link to Guidelines here: