Environment Minister Dismisses Community over Beeliar Wetlands

Greens MLC for the South Metro Region, Lynn MacLaren today rebuked the state government for its disastrous decision to plough a highway through the precious Beeliar Wetlands.

“The Barnett Government is fiscally reckless in its decision to announce $591 million of WA money to build the unpopular Roe 8 highway extension. In an already tight budget year, this is a poor expenditure choice,” Ms MacLaren said.

“Ploughing a highway through the last large wetland system in the Perth metropolitan area is environmentally irresponsible.

“There is no transparency in the details of the government’s plan to build Roe 8, with thin details released today at odds with EPA reports on the construction plan. The government claimed today that 38 hectares of native vegetation will be affected. But an EPA report studying the original proposal found a loss of 98 hectares. It’s time for the government to come clean on bulldozing urban bushland.

“The government is charging ahead with no respect for environmental assessment. The proposal to build Roe 8 is still under appeal in a process managed by the Environmental Protection Authority. Questions need to be asked over whether the government is unduly interfering with the EPA before the appeal process concludes.

“The community has spoken loud and clear: Roe 8 should never be built. Suburban truck movements increase year after year, and residents south of the river have said that rail freight is the only solution.”