Barnett Government ridiculous for determination to push ahead with Perth Freight Link

Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren has labelled the Barnett Government “ridiculous” for its determination to press ahead the Perth Freight Link.

“The idea that the Government now plan to spend a further $260 million tunnelling under Beaconsfield and White Gum Valley is, quite frankly, completely ridiculous.

“There are currently two legal challenges before the Supreme Court of Western Australia against the Roe 8 section.  Committing to a tunnel when the first part of the link is unlikely to be built makes no sense and yet Colin Barnett remains committed to his pet project.

“How much more money will this Government waste on this ill-planned road while refusing to consider other more viable, costed options such as Outer Harbour?

“This seems to be the only transport plan that this Government has and it has been proven time and time again to be unacceptable, costly and inadequate.