Aldi must commit to the phasing out of cage eggs before expansion into WA

Supermarket chain Aldi’s plans to expand into Western Australia will lower standards for eggs sold not only in comparison to Coles and Woolies, but also among Aldi stores in the US and Europe.
“I’ve joined those calling for Aldi to lift its standards before opening 6 new stores in the South Metropolitan Region. Aldi should not sell cage eggs, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said today.
“Coles stopped selling its own branded cage eggs in 2013 and reduced the price of free range eggs, while Woolworths has said it will phase out all cage eggs within the next two years.
“Aldi, meanwhile, refuses to make the same commitment, despite calls from respected animal rights groups including Animals Australia and RSPCA an intensifying social media campaign.
“Adding insult to injury, the supermarket has even announced a phasing out of the sale of cage eggs in Europe and the US, but insists it will continue to sell them here in Australia.
“The sale of cage eggs supports the keeping of hens in deplorable and inhumane conditions. Consumers have been rightly shocked by video footage of cage hens circulated recently by Animals Australia.
“New standards set this month to allow eggs laid by hens kept in densities of up to 10,000 per hectare to be labelled ‘free range’ was very disappointing, but Aldi’s refusal to stop selling eggs produced through the cage system is, quite frankly, shocking.
“The supermarket plans to open 70 stores across WA in the coming months. I encourage Aldi Australia to make this very important promise to consumers that it will re-think its eggs policies before doors open.