Live Animal Export Industry reaches a new low

This week’s announcement to expand live exports by Federal Minister, the Hon Barnaby Joyce has taken the live animal export industry to a new low, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“Live exporters are now shipping Australian cattle to China; a country without animal cruelty laws with a bad track record for treatment of animals," Ms MacLaren said.

“Although the establishment of the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) is a requirement for any country we export animals to, evidence has shown this provides no guarantees or assurances that animal welfare will be upheld.

“Time and time again investigations carried out by Animals Australia have clearly shown that ESCAS is notoriously useless in protecting Australian animals from the barbaric handling and slaughter practices of some of our trading partners. Read more »

Greens warnings proven; shark network failure endangers surfers

The Greens’ warnings last month about safety being jeopardised by the State Budget cuts to WA’s world-class shark monitoring network have come true with two of the shark monitoring receivers – off Scarborough and Mullaloo – reportedly offline this week. 

“Winter is a higher-risk time for surfer and white shark interactions – it is exactly when we need the early warning receivers working,” Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said. 

“With shark monitoring receivers off-line we lose both the ability to learn about white shark behaviour and our most effective warning system. 

“The shark monitoring receivers consist of highly specialised electronic technology; during winter storms, they can be dislodged or damaged.  Read more »

Planning Commission at odds with Perth Freight Link

The lack of planning behind the proposed Perth Freight Link has been confirmed once again by recent WA Planning Commission documents, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said. 

“The headlong rush to throw dollars at a road, even one that goes nowhere, is at odds with the State Government’s more considered long-term planning processes,” Ms MacLaren said, speaking before tonight’s sold-out public forum on Perth Freight Link. 

“This is nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in WA Planning Commission documents recently put out for public comment, which provide the basis for the Government’s long-term planning for the Perth-Peel region. 

“The draft ‘Towards Perth and Peel@3.5 million’  report, released in May, states: ‘current planning indicates that the Inner Harbour at Fremantle will reach capacity by about the mid-2020s’.  Read more »

Premier shows his true colours to Fremantle

Premier Barnett’s attack in Parliament on the City of Fremantle this week is a transparent attempt to shift blame for his own intention to break a promise to move the Department of Housing to central Fremantle, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says.

“The Premier is wiping his hands of the people of Fremantle; his actions this week show he no longer cares about the future of Fremantle or the people that live here,” Ms MacLaren said.

“The Premier is attempting to blackmail the City of Fremantle by saying he won’t deliver on the Government’s promise to move the Department of Housing to Fremantle because the City of Fremantle has dared to criticise the Perth Freight Link.

“Of course Fremantle and every other affected local government should be researching and opposing the Perth Freight Link – it is a $1.6 billion taxpayer-funded project for which there is no public business case that will rip apart the southern suburbs.

Read more »

Failure to fund shark network could leave Government with blood on its hands

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has warned that failure to maintain WA’s network of expensive satellite-linked ‘early warning system’ shark monitors in the ocean could lead to the Government being blamed if a shark bite occurs.

 “If someone is bitten by a big shark off a Perth, South-West or Albany beach and it turns out that Fisheries’ monitoring device at that location was not working through lack of maintenance or replacement, then the question will be – would that person have been bitten if the early warning system was functional,” Ms MacLaren said.

“We are talking about high-tech, specialised electronic gear weathering rough ocean conditions; gear requiring maintenance by trained individuals and presumably, regular replacement. Read more »

Government leaves $2.5 million white elephant in the ocean

Now that the State Government has finally admitted today that no more sharks will be tagged as part of the Government's much-vaunted shark tagging and tracking program the Greens say a $2.5 million public asset will be left to weather in the ocean.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren said, "The Department of Fisheries' long-term shark tagging and tracking program was one of the few aspects of the Government's shark hazard policy last year that made sense"

"But now it seems that having spent $2.5 million establishing this acoustic receiver system that it calls 'world-class' and 'cutting edge' on its SharkSmart website, the Government now plans to walk away from doing any further research, other than publishing data already collected.

"The term 'white elephant' comes to mind when I think of those expensive receivers left in the ocean without anyone to maintain them.

"This decision means we are getting nothing like the benefits we should be getting from investment in a $2.5 million public asset. Read more »