Government must order archaeological dig for artefacts in Beeliar Wetlands

Greens South Metropolitan MLC Lynn MacLaren MLC says the Government should use the opportunity of delay arising from the court decision to invalidate environmental approval of Roe 8 to order an expert archaeological investigation for Aboriginal artefacts in the proposed road’s development area. 

“There are six registered or formerly registered Aboriginal sites within the Roe 8 project area, of which at least two are extremely significant, and yet these have not been properly investigated or recognised by the Government,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“We have evidence of how the oldest continuous culture on Earth lived right under our nose, it is not only significant to our State’s heritage, it’s globally significant. 

“A significant archaeological site on the northern bank of Bibra Lake known as DAA 4107 was removed off the Aboriginal Sites Register in 2015 following a cursory examination by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, whose investigation consisted of two officers walking over the site and digging one 20 centimetre-deep hole.  Read more »

Barnett spooked by Court ruling he must follow Government policy

Lynn and Cottesloe Resident oppose Roe 8In response to today’s announcement on Roe 8 Hon Lynn MacLaren MLC asked, “The Chief Justice ruled they have to refer to their own policies, why keep going back to court? Why not just follow government policy?”

“They will waste even more taxpayer money to prop up an already failed project by appealing a Supreme Court ruling on the Roe 8 decision,” the Greens WA transport spokeswoman said.

“It’s not surprising that the Minister for the Environment announced a new EPA Assessment for the Roe Highway stage 8 extension since that seems to be the only transport plan, discredited as it is, that the Barnett Government have.” Read more »

Barnett Government upstaged by Federal Government on protection of biodiversity

WoylieGreens biodivesity spokesperson Lynn MacLaren MLC says the Barnett Government should feel embarrassed by the Federal Enviroment Minister's move to protect WA's rare threatened species which are being pushed to the brink of extinction while it stands by.

"Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has done the right thing adding three WA species including the woylie, Gilbert’s potoroo and western ringtail possum to the Federal threatened species list because we have grave fears for these animals’ populations due to multiple threats including a drying climate, forest fires, habitat loss, and predation by feral species including foxes and cats,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Destruction of ancient jarrah tree in Roe 8 reserve unlawful

Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC believes clearing laws may have been breached by a Main Roads contractor who felled a jarrah tree believed to be hundreds of years old in the Roe 8 road reserve early Tuesday morning. 

“Under clearing laws administered by the WA Department of Environmental Regulation, all native vegetation is protected, be it dead or alive, and in this case, an expert botanist has described the tree that was cut down as having been healthy,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“I saw the scarred tree stump this morning. I was shocked by how large it is. The botanist on site pointed out how important these ancient jarrah trees are for their hollows and habitat for insects. 

“The bees could have been relocated or destroyed on site by City of Cockburn contractors.  Read more »

Greens blast Government over EPA-controlled review of EPA

A review of the policies and procedures of the Environmental Protection Authority announced last month to supposedly give the community faith in the EPA’s operations will be overseen and controlled by the EPA with no opportunity for public scrutiny or submissions, Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says. 

“Having asked the Environment Minister for the terms of reference and other details of the EPA review which he announced in December, I have been dismayed to learn that instead of being conducted with transparency and independence, the audit will be initiated by the EPA and the EPA will advise the minister on who will conduct the audit,” Ms MacLaren said. 

“Furthermore, the resulting report will be provided to the EPA first who will finalise it before providing it to the Minister, and no submissions will be sought from the public. Read more »

Government fish kill report confirms Greens’ warnings to protect Cockburn Sound from polluting marina

A Government report has shown that an algal bloom that killed more than 2,000 fish in Cockburn Sound in November started in Mangles Bay, in the Sound’s south, and spread outwards, confirming Greens’ warnings that a polluting canal estate proposed for Mangles Bay will greatly worsen future conditions for fish across the whole Sound.

“The Department of Fisheries report shows that there were very high numbers of the algae in Mangles Bay during the fish kill and it also warns that Mangles Bay also suffers from low levels of dissolved oxygen which was also a factor in the fish kill,” Greens Member for South Metropolitan Lynn MacLaren MLC said.

“This further increases the Greens’ concerns that the Barnett Government, through LandCorp, is proposing to build an inland marina, in effect a canal estate, at Mangles Bay – a development which the Environmental Protection Authority has warned will further reduce water quality in the Sound Bay and increase the chances of algal blooms. Read more »