Government continues shark survey cover-up in WA Parliament

Media statement, Friday, 29 August 2014.

Green MLC Lynn MacLaren, who will join Sea Shepherd today at Parliament at 12:30 for a media conference, says not only did the WA Government hide key data from the Federal Government over its drum line strategy it has also continued to cover up in the WA Parliament.

“I have been asking questions in Parliament about the Government’s 2013 $53,000 community perceptions survey on sharks since May, and more recently about the total $1 million Marketforce contract, begun in 2012 as a four-year program,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Carnaby’s Cockatoos facing extinction, Greens call for new laws

Media statement, Monday, 25 August 2014

Figures released today by Birdlife Australia that Carnaby’s Cockatoos are set to be extinct in Perth within the next 20-30 years have confirmed fears by the community fighting so hard to save them, explained Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

“Having previously volunteered for the Great Cocky Count – a hugely successful citizen science project – I found the results released today heartbreaking. We must act quickly and drastically to save this species before it is too late. I congratulate the near 700 volunteers who gave their time for this cause. They have added a critical piece to the puzzle of declining numbers. Read more »

Liberals right to be queasy over shark cull costs and lack of logic

Media statement, Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Alternatives to drum lines are gaining such popularity that even Liberal backbenchers are now finding a voice to speak out against culling, says Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren.

"Modern large shark-proof swimming enclosures are just one of a suite of more effective, cost efficient responses to the shark hazard than drum lines," Ms MacLaren said.
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Bike funding welcome but inadequate

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren says new joint local and State government grants that will this year fund 22km of new bike paths in metro and regional WA, and 3km of on-road bikeways – while welcome – are simply not enough to meet demand.

“There are numerous short trips that more adults and children would take by bike if they felt safer, and this is why a bolder approach to funding cycle ways is necessary.

“Perth would become a world-class cycling city by allocating three per cent of our State transport budget to bike infrastructure and planning,” Ms MacLaren said. Read more »

Premier draws blank on future drumlining costs

Months away from when he proposes to embark on a three year culling program of WA vulnerable and protected shark species the WA Premier doesn't know what it will cost, questions asked by Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren have revealed.

"No one ever accused the Liberal Party of being the party for science or the environment, but I thought the Liberals once claimed to be the party for fiscal responsibility. That is not being demonstrated in regard to the proposed drum line operation," Ms MacLaren said.
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Greens: Streamlining planning approvals will further threaten valuable green space in the State

Media statement, Thursday, 14 August 2014.

Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren has emphasised that plans to streamline planning approvals by the State Government may improve affordability but risk liveability without some basic protections for the things we love the most about our cities and neighbourhoods.

“How many times have developers bulldozed bushland and wetlands, erected a sea of roofs, then constructed a small park with a gazebo as some kind of dismal attempt to compensate for the loss of biodiversity and destruction of landscape? I welcome the innovation to improve affordability, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Local communities have had to fight to protect the places they love.  Read more »